Woman Wearing Spring Floral Dress.

Cue the “Let’s Get Married” remix by Jagged Edge featuring Reverend Run; it’s wedding season! It’s that time of the year when flowers bloom and nuptials are being consummated with champagne and the Electric Slide. The spring season is a popular time for weddings being that the weather is just right, and most people are taking time off from work to enjoy life. Invitations are beginning to pop up in mailboxes and not only do you need to RSVP on time, but you also need to figure out a bold look to rock.

Weddings are nothing but a party, a reunion, and a fashion show wrapped up in one event. While the focus is usually on the bride and her gorgeous gown, these days, the guests are expected to turn heads as well. Nowadays, some weddings have themes and require attendees to wear certain costumes/colors; however, most ceremonies allow their guests to have full autonomy over their outfits. Either way, wedding guest attire is important – and as an attendee, you are required to add to the bliss of the day by feeling and looking your best.

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