Bride & Groom Vows Notebooks.

Your wedding vows are the crux of your wedding day—the very reason you’ve gathered friends and family to come to celebrate. However, honing in on what promises you want to vow to uphold can feel like a daunting and intimidating task amid wedding planning, despite how much you adore your partner.

To help you tackle the task of writing personal vows, we’ve gathered the best wedding vow examples from real couples and real weddings to inspire you. Whether you want funny wedding vows, movie-inspired vows filled with notable love quotes, or are envisioning a ceremony filled with traditional religious wedding vows that include phrases like “in the presence of God/ name of God, I take you to be my wedded wife/ faithful husband for all the days of our lives,” looking at sample wedding vows is a great starting point for understanding everything you need to know to craft your dream ceremony. The solemn vows these real couples proclaimed are sure to get the creative juices flowing as you set about crafting your own wedding vows to share during your wedding ceremony.

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