Decoration of wedding flowers

When planning a wedding, there are so many details to work out (some of which are more fun than others…dare we even mention seating charts?). Decorating the venue in a particular style is great way to create a beautiful space for guests to enjoy, but it also can help to tell the story of you as a couple. A modern wedding theme can be minimalist in style, but can also feature playful designs that are fun, personal, and unique.

“Wedding decorations show the couple’s personality and create a memorable experience for guests,” says event coordinator Ashley Padalecki. “Florals are, of course, always a beautiful way to add personality and flair to your event, but don’t miss out on other decor elements,” she adds, noting that adding modern wedding decor like colorful glassware, tapered candles, and pretty linens can “transform your space to match the vision you and your partner have.”

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