Bridal Party in posh venue. Women celebrating bridal party

A bridal shower is a rite of passage that any bride-to-be should experience, if she wishes to. While the etiquette of this event has certainly morphed over time—as is the case with virtually all nuptial-related traditions—the overarching goal of a shower is to celebrate the guest of honor and set her and her partner up for success in married life. Since this is typically expressed through gift-giving, it can be difficult to navigate who, exactly, is supposed to plan the affair—which is arguably the most important present of them all.

So, who is best-suited to the role of hostess for this event? Is it a family member, or are you better off tapping a close friend? And consider the end all, be all question: Can the bride-to-be host the event herself? To answer these queries, we spoke to the experts, who shared their thoughts on whether the woman of the hour should plan this pre-wedding celebration on her own behalf.

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