Bridesmaids in Pink Dresses Holding Flower Bouquets Outdoors

Floral bridesmaid dresses epitomize romance for a wedding, be it a formal, intimate, or black-tie celebration. From delicate ditzy motifs befitting spring to botanical blooms for a destination wedding, floral prints run the gamut. And trust, not all appear saccharine, but many indeed skew bold for tastes preferring vibrance over whimsy. A wedding’s color palette and venue are the two best ways to zero in on the best blooms for you. For a classic coloring of whites and greens, light and airy florals will elegantly blend within the scenery. At the same time, frothier pastel tones are idyllic for any spring celebration, whether a small-scale wedding set in a secret garden or a grand event in the lush grounds surrounding a historical monument. If you’re traveling to a tropical destination or following a more vivacious dress code, bright and punchy tones from tangerine and poppy to lemon to azure will dazzle.

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