Multiethnic women with crossed legs resting on bed at bachelorette party

There’s no denying that the brides face stress while planning their weddings. Not only do they want their guests to be happy, the event to run smoothly, and to manage a budget, but the idea that it should be the most beautiful day of a bride’s life can definitely lend to body-image pressures. On top of that, the wedding industry’s limited options for plus-sized or disabled people makes it even more difficult for many brides to achieve the weddings of their dreams.

Brides should be able to embrace the skin they’re in and feel their best when they say “I do.” So, as a celebration of this idea, host of the Real Pod podcast Victoria Garrick pulled together three other soon-to-be brides and self-love enthusiasts for a photoshoot showcasing them looking absolutely stunning in gorgeous gowns from Lovella Bridal. Shot by acclaimed wedding photographer Rebecca Yale and styled by Nayri of Wedding Fashion Expert, these incredible women share the pressures placed on their appearance as brides and changes needed in the industry in a Q&A ahead.

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