Morning light illuminates magnificent wedding couple standing before the altar made of wicker

The focus of a modern day wedding is primarily love. The love between two people, the joining of two families through that love – we are all mostly aware of this fact. But it would be a falsity to state that a wedding isn’t also about looking and feeling like your best self. Humans can be vain creatures and when you pay thousands of dollars on attire, hair, makeup and flowers, you want to look your best.

Kelly here: the main reason behind this blog, while thinking of my own wedding (if that is part of my journey) as I do almost daily, is the thought of why (in a heterosexual scenario) the bride stands on the left and the groom stands on the right during a ceremony. Personally, my best side is my left side. But, if I follow tradition, the entirety of my guest list will view the side I think less gorgeous than the other. This got me to think: why is it that the bride has always stood on the left and the groom has always stood on the right? And what’s stopping anyone from changing that tradition?

As with many of our deep dives into traditional wedding practices, we weren’t thrilled by the answer we concluded from our research.

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