Beautiful master bedroom in new luxury home with view of ensuite master bathroom. Features barn door, chandelier, and elegant furnishings.

Whether you’re already living together or taking that big step after you’ve said your “I dos,” the newlywed bedroom is a special place. It’s where you’ll begin your mornings, end your evenings, and enjoy . . . other marital activities. Point is, your bedroom should be a calm, relaxing place exclusive to the two of you: a sanctuary and refuge from the busy, noisy world, if you will.

If you’re putting together a wedding registry, now’s the time to think about how you’d like this special space to feel — and how you’ll achieve it. By adding a few carefully chosen items to your bedroom (and subtracting those that don’t fit your vibe), you can start your wedded bliss in the bedroom of your dreams.

Need some ideas on how to start? We browsed the virtual aisles of Bed Bath & Beyond — aka the store that has everything you could think of for your registry — and came up with a few winning ideas. Read on to see our favorites.

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