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No one knows about love quite like wedding vendors do. After all, they are surrounded by it every single day—whether it is capturing a couple’s special day, overseeing their vows, planning the reception, and more. And while no love story is the same, every romance deserves to be celebrated.

In the spirit of Pride Month, we asked 30 LGBTQ+ wedding vendors to share their stories, tips, and goals. We wanted to know how they got into the business of weddings, what the past year taught them about love (hint: A LOT), and what Pride means to them. But perhaps, most importantly, we asked how the wedding industry can do better. Because while we’ve made strides in marriage equality, we still have plenty of progress to make. Like ditching the stereotypical roles of bride and groom in favor of more inclusive terms to celebrating love—no matter what it looks like—for what is: love. Whether you’re an engaged couple, a wedding professional, or just a guest, we all have a role to play.

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