Loving couple having a date near the Eiffel tower. Romantic jump hug. Tourists on vacation or during their honeymoon in Paris, France

Overwater bungalows with manta rays gliding below. Romantic safari tents in the company of elephants and leopards. Candlelit dinners in Paris or Positano. Honeymoons can be a lot of things, and expensive is usually one of them. Still, there’s no shame in wanting to go big—real big—for that most romantic trip of your lives, especially now that travel is once again possible.

These sorts of once-in-a-lifetime honeymoons don’t plan themselves, and accordingly, you should focus on a long game when it comes to saving. “Time is the biggest factor when it comes to saving,” says certified financial planner Peyton Jamison of Jamison Private Wealth Management near Atlanta, Georgia. “The earlier you start saving, the easier it is to save for a big expense.”

Ahead, the financial expert shares tips to make the epic trip you’ve been fantasizing over an actual possibility.

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