Newlywed Couple, Wedding Party in Downtown city.

Very few things are as heart-warming as being asked to be part of someone’s wedding party. Your friend or family member values your connection so much that they want you to be an integral part of the biggest day of their life. But, the one thing you may not have realized when you agreed to be a bridesmaid or groomsmen is just how pricey the role can be. Back in 2017, the average person would spend $1,200 to be part of a wedding party. But—between outfits, flights, and hosting the bachelor or bachelorette—that bottom line is definitely on the rise. Suddenly, what was originally thought of as an honor is starting to feel like a financial burden.

“There’s a constant narrative of ‘you only get married once’ or ‘my dream wedding is a once in a lifetime experience,’” says Raya Reaves, founder and finance coach of City Girl Savings, LLC. ”Both of these narratives make it hard to put a price limit on the occasion. If you’re the friend that tells the bride a budget is ideal, it could be taken the wrong way—and no one wants to upset a bride.”

But, what if it doesn’t have to be that way? What if it’s possible to show up for your loved one without blowing your budget? To help, check out these expert-approved tips for navigating this pricey situation.

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