Beautiful bridesmaids in gorgeous light silver dresses in old beautiful European city on a wedding day in summer. Dresses are floor length or full-lenghth long tulle with half sheer sleeves and side


Finding bridesmaid dresses that suit everyone in your wedding party is by no means an easy task. The chicest options have romantic flourishes without screaming maid-of-honour; try something with a gentle ruffle or an understated bow in lieu of anything too in-your-face. It’s a good idea to look for a brand like The Own Studio, which offers a variety of dress styles in the same colour palette – in the end, everyone should feel their best going down the aisle, and not everybody will be keen to wear a strapless gown or waist-cinching number.

The internet is your friend, here: order multiple styles (in various sizes) and host trying-on parties. Not only is it much more fun, but it will give you the chance to discuss if anything needs tailoring – often a simple hemline adjustment is all that’s required to bring everything together.

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