Handcrafted gift box with flowers on wooden table

As a wedding guest, you have a bit more responsibility than simply putting on a pretty dress and your dancing shoes, showing up for the vows, and collecting your party favor on the way out. Whether the bride and groom are merely acquaintances—a co-worker, perhaps—or a special part of your family—like your brother—it’s important to put some thought into a wedding gift for the couple.

Sure, you could pluck something off of the registry, but if you’re shopping at the last minute and the only thing left is a pair of salad tongs, don’t sweat it. Even if the couple already lives together and seems to have everything, there are plenty of creative ways to celebrate their nuptials.

Think about their lifestyle and their interests, then go from there. Or, consider turning a quirky part of their relationship or big day—the geographical coordinates of the city they met or the lyrics from their first dance—into a personalized memento for the home they share. And if you need a little more help than that, use this list of unique wedding gift ideas as a guide. The good news? You don’t have to break the bank to give the couple a gift they’ll treasure for years to come. So think about what you want to communicate to them through your offering, then take your pick from this slideshow of ideas that might just inspire you to make a few new purchases of your own.

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