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Here at Brides, we absolutely adore bridal fashion (hence our name!). There’s something about a show-stopping gown that makes our hearts skip a beat. But, brides aren’t the only ones with impeccable taste. What deserves just as much recognition and gets us equally as excited is grooms’ attire. After all, it’s their big day too and a chance to put their own personal style on display.

We’ve featured so many fashionable grooms in our Real Weddings, and each one has a unique look that does not disappoint. More and more grooms are playing around with their ensembles and sporting something special that reflects their personality or one-of-a-kind relationship. Fun patterns, unexpected colors, and luxe fabrics are making their way into grooms’ fashion. Whether it’s cufflinks engraved with his wedding date or a watch that once belonged to a loved one, many grooms are personalizing their looks with sentimental touches.

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