Brides wedding shoes with a bouquet with roses and other flowers on the arm chair

Here comes the bride, all dressed in…pollen? One would certainly hope not after shelling out thousands of dollars on intricate floral arrangements and bouquets for the big day. But, not all flowers are wedding-appropriate.

While many happy couples go into planning with a very specific vision, it’s important to trust the experts (i.e. your wedding planner and florist) and understand that there are limitations on what you can incorporate into your overall design. A bunch of periwinkle-hued hydrangeas may sound lovely (unless you’re Madonna), but they may not be in season or you may not have the appropriate vases to keep them alive and hydrated.

“Trusting your florist to select the best combination of blooms that fall within your aesthetic and palette is key,” advises Becky De Oliveira, owner and creative director of Toronto’s Blush and Bloom. “Working with perishable products is so challenging, so let the professionals handle it. You’ll get the best and most seasonal designs when the pros are in charge!”

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