Finding the perfect wedding gift can feel a little overwhelming. You want to pick out something that shows how much they both mean to you, and you also want them to both love it. The best wedding gifts are ones that are sentimental, practical, and thoughtful—something they’ll actually use and appreciate. For a same-sex wedding, a Mrs. and Mrs. gift can be a fun option that will always remind them of their union.

You can choose to either purchase a small, fun wedding gift, and give that alongside a card with money, or you can just focus on buying something bigger. You may even want to buy a few smaller items and put them together in a themed basket. Great gift options include items for a honeymoon, pieces of home décor that will remind them of their special night, and keepsake items they’ll love forever cherish.

If you’re not sure where to start, we’ve put together some of the best Mrs. and Mrs. gifts out there.

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