Bride and groom walk around holding their hands on the coast.  On the bride is a long pink wedding dress with lace and an open back

If there’s one important thing we’ve learned about wedding planning, it’s this: you don’t have to follow all the rules. White gowns may be the standard, but as the bride, you’re entitled to wear any color gown you want. Opting for something like a pink wedding dress is a fun way to add some color to your look, show off your own personal style, and make your big night a little bit more unique.

Choosing a pink dress is the perfect way to take a traditional staple, like a wedding gown, and make it feel more fresh and modern. It’s also surprisingly versatile! If you want a more classic look, stick with a light pink or a blush shade. If your goal is to be bold and stand out, then search for gowns with deep or bright pink hues. And although there are plenty of pink pieces out there, you don’t have to get one that was made with a bride in mind. There are tons of stunning pink formal gowns that can work for any bridal look.

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