Beautiful white wedding cake with blue, the completion of the wedding banquet

So you and your beau have done it. You’ve dated for a while and are now finally engaged. Announcements have been made, engagement parties and dinners have settled down, and you’ve eventually shortlisted possible dates for the big day — now, for the actual planning of the wedding. Research has shown that planning a wedding is an incredibly stressful time for couples. And while your budget, guest lists, and family dynamics are some of the major triggers of that stress, choosing your wedding cake should be the fun part (per Martha Stewart).

You get to spend some time nibbling on sweet treats away from the rest of the wedding bustle. While some couples may have a clear idea of exactly what type of cake they want, others tend to explore an array of flavors that are placed before them. If you’re curious about the flavors you’re likely to come across, read on to discover how they’ve been ranked compared to one another.

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