A sexy young Caucasian girl is seen from behind using her fingers to play with her long brown hair. Pulling it up to create a bob style on the back of her head.

You’ve RSVP’d yes, found the perfect outfit, and picked out a gift from the registry. Now all that’s left is deciding on the best wedding guest hair look. Whether you’re attending a tropical destination wedding or something more local and low-key, weddings are the perfect opportunity to finally debut that hair tutorial you’ve saved while scrolling through your feed. If you’re bored with showing up in the same basic updo every time, try inviting some braids, curls, and embellishments to the party.

For the ultimate inspiration, we asked three celebrity hairstylists to share their favorite wedding guest dos. Their first tip: Start with what you’re wearing and work from there. “I always allow the neckline of my outfit to guide my hairstyle,” says Lacy Redway, Unilever stylist and celebrity hair artist. “If I have a high neckline, I put my hair up. For something strapless or anything with exposed shoulders or a plunging neckline, I like it free-flowing.”

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