Bridal Shower Party Food Table

A record 2.5 million weddings are set to take place in 2022 alone, according to The New York Times. And if you aren’t one of the people planning to get hitched this year, then you’re likely still invited and at least planning to attend more than a few ceremonies. But before you make it to the big day, there are a few pre-wedding parties along the way that you’ll have to find the perfect gift for — including the bridal shower.

Getting a great wedding gift is by no means an easy feat. Even with the help of a wedding registry and a close-knit relationship to the bride or groom, it’s impossible to know which gifting route is truly the best for the couple. Is a personalized gift preferred? Can it be fun and quirky like a bachelorette party gift? Or is a monetary gift more appropriate for the wedding shower? Unfortunately, there’s not really a set standard for bridal shower gift etiquette that you can follow.

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