Vintage retro glass jar with hemp rope tie wedding tag and few coins inside on wood counter concept of saving money for wedding

Weddings are nothing short of full-blown celebrations, and they tend to cost a fortune. In 2021, the average cost of a wedding was $28,000 (but $34,000 if you count the engagement ring), according to research by The Knot. That was about the same as 2019, before COVID struck, which goes to show that though the pandemic temporarily shut things down, true love (and mega-parties) are back up and running again.

What makes a wedding so expensive? We all know the answers to that question, in part — the venue, the dress, the catering, the entertainment. But the list indeed goes on and on, and some of the standard costs associated with weddings aren’t so obvious. Here are several under-the-radar expenses a couple can expect for their big day. Keep them in mind during the all-important wedding planning.

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